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You probably think that life is too short to be wasted on a boring full time job where you sit in an office for nine hours in a day and hence you are in search for a job opportunity that lets you do most of the things you want like travelling. Luckily there are many options available for those who aspire to leave the corporate setting to have time to enjoy life more without going broke in the process. The options to make money while retaining control of your own time will allow you to pursue your passion for other works.

Controlling your own time is a luxury that is too expensive to afford for many corporate office workers. The full time job can tie you to strict schedules, inflexible rest days and sometimes subjects you to overwhelming stress levels, leaving you lacking the energy to do the other things that you love. If you want a job that lets you control your own time then here are the things that you should look for.

Flexible Schedules

Find a job opportunity that allows you some degree of flexibility in your schedule. Most virtual assistants go by quotas on how many items they can process. If you are able to decide on how you will budget your time to complete the required task, then you can move things around so your schedule can adapt to your other activities. With a corporate job, you could be barred by strict guidelines on adhering to your work day schedules.

With a corporate job, you could be barred by strict guidelines on adhering to your work day schedules. If you want to make easy money Click Here.

Workload Freedom

If you are not able to get control on the schedules you can also look at the freedom it gives you in terms of the workload. Some employers online allow their employees to  select their chosen workload on a weekly basis. For writers for example, they can choose to write a certain number of pages for the week to accommodate a trip they may need to prepare for over the weekend. Flexibility in the workload being fed to you will help you evade stress.


If you desperately want to travel and earn at the same time, then choose a job that does not tie you up to a certain location. In other words, avoid jobs that require you to go to the office on specific days of your week. Jobs such as online writing, binary trading and stocks trading, virtual assistants, and data entry jobs lets you do your job anywhere as long as you have a laptop and internet access. This means that you can travel and work at the same time.

Looking at these three important factors to consider when choosing a job that allows you to make money without losing control over your own time should tell you that the search will not be easy. It will be challenging, but not impossible. If you are the adventurous type you can always free yourself from your current corporate job, but you have to be ready for the more difficult challenges that comes with the fun.

Make money while Retaining Control of your Own time